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Chilled-water-fan-coil-unit-installation, ceiling concealed chilled water fan coil unit engineer data ed-fww-vc-201607 models: fww200vc fww300vc fww400vc fww500vc fww600vc fww700vc fww800vc fww1000vc. As the end of central air-conditioning system, fan coil is installed in the office or bedroom with relatively narrow space, even small noise and vibration will directly affect the environmental quality of residents., 5 technical data (cont’) 42cet furred‐in ceiling fcu with plenum 4 rows at nominal cfm model: 42cet performance net weight kg 19.9 23.1 24.5 26.5 35.9 39.7 45.1 52.4. Trane commercial, contact:jack zhang mobile: +8615712686880 tel: +86-576-82517780 e-mail: add: zhuguang street, luqiao district, tai zhou city, zhejiang province, china postcode: 318050 fax: +86-576-82517776.

Installation operation maintenance basic series fan-coil room conditioners horizontal concealed sizes 040-080 october 1997 - sv-td-fcxc-fcxc-iom-1 fcxc-iom-1, installation manual fan coil units covercover type numbers fwc06b7tv1b fwc07b7tv1b fwc08b7tv1b fwc09b7tv1b fwc06b7fv1b fwc07b7fv1b fwc08b7fv1b fwc09b7fv1b. Fcu hookup installation, fcu valves, hydronic balancing, prefabricated fcu valves, chilled water, hot water, hvac valves,fcu traditional valve connection installation time., installation manual 3 ekmv2c09b7 + ekmv3c09b7 2-way valve kit/3-way valve kit for fan coil units 4pw65144-1 – 10.2010 2 mount the valve on the water piping. 1 install the o-ring in the water piping connection. in case of a 3-way valve, install the second o-ring in the second water.