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Reserveage nutrition first made its mark with its resveratrol-based products. with properties like the antioxidant found in red wine, their starting products contained trans-resveratrol, the active polyphenol found in japanese knotweed.. since then, reserveage has branched out to offer collagen-based anti-aging products designed to help you hold onto your youthful appearance – or turn back ..., the collagen secret: by now, we know that collagen can not be replaced in the skin through collagen creams.. but, for many years, japanese women have experienced the youth-promoting effects of collagen supplements. answered in this article:.

Abstractobjective: in western society, the dominant cultural association with aging skin is a lessening of satisfaction with one’s body image. interventions are needed that can prevent and treat skin aging and the resulting reductions in body satisfaction. methods: in an open-label pilot study, we examined the effect of a dietary supplement, collagen boostertm by reserveage